What is CompuMed?
CompuMed is a secure, convenient and intuitive medication management system for individual use. It is designed primarily for solid medicine (pills, tablets, etc.), but can be used  as a reminder for non-pill form medication.

How does it work?
At preprogrammed times, a unit dose of medicine automatically drops into an easily accessed drawer. All other medicine is locked out. Audio and visual reminders are  activated that alert the user to take his or her medicine.

Who should use CompuMed?
CompuMed is for those who FORGET their medicine, for those who REMEMBER it too well and those who want CONVENIENCE in managing their medications. 

Because of its security and reminders, CompuMed is particularly beneficial to the elderly, developmental disabled and those taking controlled substances use CompuMed. 

CompuMed is ideal for those individuals who, if medication is not taken properly, must have additional help with their medication – from family members, caregivers or professionals either at home or institution. 

Why should CompuMed be used? 
When medication is taken properly, greater physically  well-being results. There is the added benefit of greater self esteem and independence for the user and less cost and concern for the caregiver and payor.

Is it easy to use?
Yes – particularly for the patient. Various reminders  (audio, visual, etc.) let the user know it is time to take medicine. All he or she need do is open the drawer, take the medicine as indicated and close the drawer. There is no need to open medicine vials, to remember  whether it is Monday or Tuesday or whether to take the red pill or the green one, etc. 

 How is it programmed?
When CompuMed is first powered, it is programmed with current information and patient specific information. Typically, this is done by a caregiver (family member or professional). Programming is aided by simple instructions on CompuMed’s LCD  screen. 
First, the current day and time are set. Next, the time(s) medication is to be dispensed with the appropriate instructions (i.e. “8:00 A.M. – Take with food.”) 
After programming, CompuMed reviews all  instructions entered and verifies their correctness. If all is correct, the programmer is instructed to push the “Start” key on the keypad. The dispenser then aligns itself to the proper day, time and dispensing  position and continues with the programmed regimen week after week until changed. 

 Is it tamper proof?
Well, nothing is really totally “tamper proof” for someone determined to break in, but CompuMed has continually improved security. Our STANDARD CompuMed would be considered tamper resistant. The ENHANCED Security CompuMed would be considered really tamper resistant. The CompuMed SAFE would be considered next to tamper proof. Nobody has gotten into the safe yet.

When the medication cassette is locked in the device, the keypad is also electronically disabled. The  device cannot be reprogrammed or instructions changed without a key. All other medicine is locked out and only available at the correct time or when accessed with the key.

How does someone know when to take their medicine?
The standard CompuMed system has an audio alarm, flashing LED light and LCD screen. The audio alarm can be adjusted for both pitch and volume. These adjustments help users with hearing loss find a sound and tone they can hear. 

Additionally, the LCD screen indicates the appropriate instructions when medicine is dispensed.

 What if someone forgets to take their medicine? Will it double dose?
No. If a medication time is missed and it is time for the next  one, the message on the screen changes to “CAUTION, 1 MEDICATION TIME PASSED.” Only when the drawer is opened and closed again will the next medicine be dispensed. If more than one medication time is missed, the screen  will indicate the number missed. The alarm continues during the entire time. 

If someone  knows they will be gone at a certain time and wants to take their medicine with them, can they?
Yes. By unlocking CompuMed and  de-activating the lock-out feature, an individual or caregiver can pre-dispense medication using the ADVANCE key. This feature is useful if an individual is going out for a short time and wants to take the medicine  along. For example, a daughter may stop by at 11:30 a.m. and say, “Mom, let’s go to lunch.” Rather than wait until noon (if that is when Mom takes medicine) for the medicine to be dispensed, they can push the ADVANCE  key and take the medicine with them. CompuMed keeps track of the medicine taken out and resumes dispensing at the next dose. 

How much does it cost?
Please visit our on-line store for current pricing. If you are a commercial purchaser, please call us at 1-800-722-4417 for quantity pricing.

Who pays for CompuMed?
Most often, it is a family member, like the child of an elderly parent, or the spouse of a user.

3rd Party Payors pay for it when they realize the high costs of noncompliance (increased levels of care either at home or institution) compared with the cost of buying CompuMed and improving medication compliance. Other organizations purchase it for their members  (i.e. Veteran’s Administration, Area Agencies on Aging, etc.) Also, many children of elderly parents purchase or rent CompuMed for their parent(s).