CompuMed is as secure as you need it to be.

CompuMed was originally designed for those who forgot their medication. It keeps all but the most persistent from accessing medication. Think of its security level as keeping honest people honest.

Standard CompuMed

The ENHANCED SECURITY CompuMed was developed when we started getting Standard CompuMeds returned to us having been broken into. We beefed up security at those points that were most vulnerable. We decided the Enhanced Security CompuMed wasn’t just for those who forgot medication, but for those who remembered it too well!

Security lid and padlock

The Enhanced Security CompuMed has a metal security lid and padlock that are added to the basic CompuMed unit. The padlock for the Enhanced Security unit is a simple off-the-shelf padlock. Some people upgrade the padlock to their personal preference, giving them the level of “pick-proof” lock they desire or need. Think of its security level as keeping most break-in artists honest.

Safe for CompuMed

The Standard CompuMed can be upgraded to an Enhanced Security unit at any time. So, if you buy a Standard CompuMed and find it isn’t secure enough, it can be upgraded!

For ULTIMATE SECURITY we modify hotel grade safes into which CompuMed goes. The safe is for those who take hammer and drill to CompuMed. And, yes, we’ve had some of these. The safe can be securely bolted or mounted to a surface to prevent it from being taken. Think of the safe as keeping everyone honest.